Monday, 22 November 2010

Operation W.A.I.T.

At the moment I have more in common with Harry Potter fans than they may think.

Harry Potter fans are probably pretty excited about the new Harry Potter film. (As are the Hollywood fatcats who are cashing in big time, I'm sure.)
I'm pretty excited about the season finale of Venture Bros. Season Four has not been a disappointment - I would even go so far as to say that, after The Lepidopterists, (Season Three*, Episode Ten) Everybody Comes To Hank's (Season Four, Episode Twelve) is my favourite episode yet.

But we both know that after this it's going to be a long and painful wait for the next installment. So now I'm filled with this conflicting desire to watch it, or to hold on to the excitement of having it available for me to watch.

You see, sometimes when you look forward to something, a lot, for a few weeks, you begin to enjoy just looking forward to it. And like all normal well-adjusted humans I hate change, so I don't want the excitement of having something to look forward to to go away, because although I know what replaces it (the post-Potter/Venture euphoria) feels like ten shades of enlightenment, it just doesn't last as long. Unless I set up a LiveJournal.

See, Muggles? We're not so different.
The Hogwarts lot know what's going to happen in the next part though... and even people who haven't read the last book know it's lame, so I guess the joke's on them.

* Yes, I liked Season Three. No, I don't care that nobody else did.